AUDIO: From Jersey To Me + Digital Workbook




Synopsis: Infused with music, From Jersey To Me: The Awakening & Healing of a Goddess takes you on Wendi’s adventure around the world to awaken, heal, and activate to live her best life!

This thoughtfully written memoir also encourages YOU to reflect in the mirror, to discover your own level of self-honesty, as YOU unapologetically transform into YOUR most authentic and healthy self.

Consider it a toolkit complete with an interactive workbook, journaling prompts, self-discovery exercises, mantras, and a resource guide to support you on creating the life you desire all while becoming more connected to YOUR own divinity.

Download the interactive workbook that includes journaling prompts, self-discovery exercises, and mantras!

Engineered by: Jarrel Bradley, Shane Lewis of Noise On Resistance, LLC
Jessica Sturgis, Engineer,
Maxx Myrick, Executive Producer,
Recorded at the Office of Cable Television, Music, Film, and Entertainment


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