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The Goddess Awakening & Healing Summit (Audio Pre-Order)




The Goddess Awakening & Healing Summit is the vision of Wendi Cherry, author, certified integrative nutrition health coach, radio show, host, and mom!

For 7 days, 7 powerful women INSPIRED, EDUCATED, and EMPOWERED us while sharing, tips, insight, and tools, during the Corona Virus lockdown in the spring of 2020. This information continues to support our transformation into our most authentic and healthy selves by tapping into the Goddess within.

Day 1: Dr. Vikki Johnson, Chaplain, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Host of and creator of “The Soul Wealth Radio Show” on DC Radio and Soul Wealth, LLC.
Topic: Soul Wealth

Day 2: Dr. Jeri Dyson, Physician, author and global traveler
Topic: “Creating Emotional Connection & Stability During Social Distancing”

Day 3: Dr. Hanisha Patel, Licensed Naturopathic Physician
Topic: “Building Your Immunity Naturally”

Day 4: Cher Carter-Hyppolite, Certified Reiki Master, Birth Doula, Mindfulness Practitioner and Yogi.
Topic: “The Yoki Sessions”

Day 5: Erika Totten, Spiritual Coach, Activist
Topic: “Emotional Emancipation: How COVID-19 is moving us towards liberation”

Day 6: Dr. Zoe Spencer, Social Activist, Scholar
Topic: “My Consciousness is NOTE Conspiracy: Thinking on Higher Frequencies to Decipher”

Day 7: Rev. Anika Wilson-Brown, PhD, Pastor at Union Temple Baptist Church
Topic: “Ascension: A Divine Call Back To Yourself”


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