Thank you for the opportunity to speak and present my views at your conference, workshop, event.  As part of my services, I respectfully request the following. **PLEASE READ VERY CLOSELY.


For Wendi Cherry of The Goddess Awakening & Healing Sanctuary, LLC to participate in your upcoming event, there is a $100 retainer fee for all events (waived on a case-by-case basis). Additionally, events outside of a 40-mile radius of the Washington, DC Metropolitan area require travel, lodging, and per diem. Fees may be negotiated, if your request is for an online radio show, speaking engagement, or interview.

Please complete the Speaker and Event Request Form below and once your request is approved, the non-refundable retainer fee must be paid in order to be added to Wendi’s calendar. Please allow three (3) business days for review and approval of each request.



  1. One (1) roundtrip airline ticket to and from your location, if the trip requires an air flight. A window seat is preferred. If the flight is three (3) hours or longer, one (1) roundtrip first-class airline ticket is required.
  2. One (1) roundtrip first-class Acela Amtrak ticket to and from your location, if the trip is within Northeast corridor from Washington, D.C. (between Richmond and New York).
  3. One-night hotel stay (or for the duration of her time in your city) at one of the following hotels: Marriott, Sheraton, or Hyatt. One (1) non-smoking room, with a king-size bed. The hotel must have a restaurant, room service, a gym, and internet access (either wireless or high-speed). If your city or town does not have one of these hotels, then the next option would be a local bed and breakfast. Special Consideration: For safety purposes, Ms. Cherry does not want to stay in a hotel where the room doors open into an outside area.
  4. Ground transportation to and from all airports and or train stations must be secured in advance of the speaking engagement.
  5. Wendi Cherry should always be met at the baggage claim area of the airport, or the passenger waiting area of a train station. She needs two contact numbers for at least two members of the sponsoring group, including cell numbers and emails. Whoever is picking her up should have a big and legible sign with WENDI CHERRY written on it.
  6. An Uber/Lyft/Taxi ride is permissible if booked in advance.


  1. Fish, organic fruit and vegetables. Absolutely no dairy, no soda, no sweets, no bread, no juices unless organic juices.
  2. Wendi Cherry welcome the opportunity to have dinner with the sponsoring group, either before or after the presentation. If before the presentation, we request that there is enough downtime for Wendi to prepare properly for her speech and that a small private room or area be made available in the 15-30 minutes leading up to her speech.
  3. For the workshop, podium with microphone + screen + projector for her presentation.


  1. If the workshop will be taped, please submit a letter, on your business letterhead, stating the following: This video and or audio recording of Wendi Cherry’s lecture, made on such and such day, month, and year, is for educational or archival purposes only, and will never be sold, duplicated, broadcasted on television or radio, podcasted, webcast, or sampled for musical productions without the written consent of Wendi Cherry, or The Goddess Awakening & Healing Sanctuary, LLC, or her estate.
  2. The letter of understanding should be signed and emailed at least one week before Ms. Cherry’s presentation.
  3. Wendi Cherry is open to photographs before, during, and after her presentation.


  1. Workshop times vary from 1/2 day to full day.
  2. Q & A: 30 minutes (when appropriate).
  3. Local media to promote the program in the days leading to the event.
  4. Two bottles of water near the podium.