Book Lab

If I had a dollar for every time someone tells me they wish they could write their book…I’d be rich! Welp, here is your chance! Let me guide you through the do’s and don’t’s plus some of the painful and glorious lessons I learned while writing and releasing my interactive memoir, #FromJerZtoMe!

The 6-Week Goddes Awakening Book Lab is designed just for you! Are you ready to share your unique story with the world?


During our weekly virtual group sessions, you will learn…

  • How to effectively brainstorm, get organized, and map your ideas using my manuscript template.
  •  How to self-publish all while keeping the lion’s share of the profit.
  • Tools for productive and time-sensitive writing sessions.
  • Tips for editing, marketing, and creating an attention-grabbing book cover.
  • How to create a paperback, digital, and audio version of your masterpiece.
  • How to take care of your mind, body, and spirit during the writing process.
  • Bi-weekly one-on-one check-in calls to track progress.

The 6-Week Virtual Goddess Awakening Book Lab experience is lovingly and intentionally designed in the Goddess Awakening Educational Portal to support you on your writing journey.

What better signal to the Creator that you are ready to align with the power of the energy of the Goddess you were born to be?

Let’s Get to Writing!



Born to Inspire, Educate & Empower!

When I came to the realization that I was born with all of my Goddess powers already within, I changed my diet, my mindset, and my career and that’s when the revolution began.

A Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, producer and host of The Sanctuary Radio Show on DCRadio.gov, I have been featured locally and internationally, including on 89.3-WPFW, 93.9-WKYS, 96.3-WHUR, and 104.2-Elle’FM, in West Africa. I am also a contributing writer for the AARP Sisters Newsletter and Medium.

When I’m not hanging out with my teenage daughter or bobbin’ my head to some Golden Era hip hop, you can find me living my passion, educating, empowering, and inspiring melanated people to unapologetically transform into their most authentic and healthy selves by tapping into the God and Goddess within.

As a Wellness Advocate, my holistic life-coaching revolution, The Goddess Awakening & Healing Sanctuary, LLC, focuses on nutrition, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness, personal and professional relationships, self-love, finances and more.

I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I received in-depth training in nutrition, health and wellness, coaching skills, and business development. I lead workshops on nutrition and offer individual health and nutrition coaching.