Thank you for your interest in the Awaken & Heal Book Celebration experience in the ATL!

Come reflect in the mirror, discover your level of self-honesty and transform into your most authentic and divine self!

This FREE event is intended to be easy-breezy, fun, empowering, inspiring, and educational. After all, you will be vibing with other powerful people ready to shine in 2020!

I will share excerpts from my new interactive memoir, From Jersey to Me: The Awakening & Healing of a Goddess. Together we will complete a self-discovery exercise, write ourselves a love letter, and more!

Consider this work a toolkit complete with:

  • An Interactive Workbook,
  • Journaling Prompts,
  • Self-Discovery Exercises,
  • Mantras,
  • A Resource Guide

To support YOU on your journey of evolution!


  • Introduction to the Circle of Life exercise
  • Raffle for a Goddess Goodie Bag
  • Use code AWAKEN and save on a signed copy of From Jersey To Me: The Awakening & Healing of a Goddess  (Save $4.95)

Most of all beautiful vibes with beautiful people!


Synopsis: Infused with music, From Jersey To Me: The Awakening & Healing of a Goddess offers you a place to document your own process of awakening, healing, and activation! This thoughtfully written memoir encourages you to reflect in the mirror, to discover your own level of self-honesty, as you unapologetically transform into your most authentic and healthy self.  

Consider it a toolkit complete with an interactive workbook, journaling prompts, self-discovery exercises, mantras, and a resource guide to support you on creating the life you desire all while becoming more connected to your own divinity.

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``Emotion packed chapters that are page-turners. I literally put the book down twice in one chapter because the emotion is so real and the stories are so intense. Wendi puts it all on the table and the liberating energy she conveys to the reader feels infectious” – Tiffanee Neighbors, Author, Entrepreneur


``Wendi Cherry is as real as it gets and exemplifies the triumph of the human spirit! As she transitions from ignoring her innate intuition to liberating herself, her healing journey was messy and beautiful. She is a true inspiration!``– Dr. Hanisha Patel, Naturopathic Physician
I love the ease with which Wendi shares her story of transformation from wondering through life to creating her best life. She indeed is an example of how women can regain their feminine power to heal everything that ails them. This book gives detailed input on ways to use the tools you have to create the life you desire. -- Dr. Jeri Dyson, Physician


When she came to the realization that she was born with all of her Goddess powers already within, Wendi Cherry changed her diet, mindset, and career and that’s when the revolution began.

A Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, producer and host of The Sanctuary Radio Show on DCRadio.gov, Wendi has been featured on 89.3-WPFW, 93.9-WKYSFM, 96.3-WHUR and is a contributing writer for the AARP Sisters Newsletter.

When she’s not hanging out in nature with her teenage daughter, exploring the world, or bobbin’ her head to some Golden Era hip hop, you can find her living her passion, educating, empowering, and inspiring melanated people to unapologetically transform into their most authentic and healthy selves by tapping into the God and Goddess within.

Her full-service, holistic life-coaching revolution,The Goddess Awakening & Healing Sanctuary, LLC, focuses on nutrition, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness, personal and professional relationships, self-love, finances and more.

Follow the revolution at wendicherry.com!